Friday, August 22, 2014

Errand Day Snuggles

Ayden and I had a great day together.  We just ran a bunch of errands but I have always liked days where we are face to face with him in carts all day.  

He gets to get out and stretch his legs a few times too!

By the time we were going in for our last stop he was getting sleepy and snuggly.

Love having his little arms around my neck.
He fell asleep on the way home and slept for another hour once we got there and he was cozied up in his crib.

I got to get a nap in myself and we had a low key evening.  It was rainy again so David was home and I let my family know that we were staying in for a quiet family night.  I also got to do some sewing/crafting tonight on some DIY gifts for upcoming events which always makes me feel good!

Tomorrow is my baby sprinkle and I am excited to celebrate and focus on this little man that we'll be meeting so soon!


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