Monday, August 25, 2014


This time of pregnancy is a little hard for me.  I have a hard time with how anxious everyone around me gets about when the baby is going to come.  I know it is only because everyone is so excited to meet our baby, which is a beautiful thing, but it kind of makes me feel like a ticking time bomb. Especially since we haven't even hit our due date yet... It all comes with the territory I suppose but I just wish everyone could relax with me and let him come when he is ready.  There's no rush and honestly, the longer he's on the inside, the more ready he'll be for the outside.  He can stay in for as long as he wants.  

Until he does come we are keeping up with our usual schedule (with a bunch of extended family time mixed in as well).  We had play group this morning:

We went and had lunch and a swim at my parents house right afterward then went home for nap.  I had a chiropractic appointment at 3:30 and Ayden was still snoozing away when it was time to leave.  He luckily finished his nap in the car on the way there and was still half asleep when we went in.  I got some extra snuggles which are always awesome.

We met David at the cottage when he got off work and then headed back over to my parents house for dinner once he left to go build.

He got two rafters up on the dormer on the right in the photo above.
He measured and cut 10 more which he'll put up tomorrow.
His dad is out of town for work again so he'll be flying solo again this week.
We didn't get home from my parents until almost 10:00.  I'm afraid we are going to have to start sitting these family dinners out if we can't get them shifted a little earlier.  It's hard to choose between being with everyone and getting lots of rest but with an unmedicated home birth on tap I need to keep my eye on the ball.  I feel like I keep saying that... I just need to buckle down and make it happen.  It's just all so surreal that it's hard to remember in the moments when we are having such a good time.

Overall physically I feel pretty good.  I've been having some indigestion and some slight cramping off and on but nothing crazy or consistent.  The indigestion and the fact that my pelvis doesn't feel sore at all makes me think he's not dropped super low yet. I think he's still pretty cozy in there.  I do get tired quickly and I'm not handling this little heat wave we are having very well.  I get super hot super fast and it's hard for me to get cooled back down again.  I'm just happy to still be sleeping pretty well and that I am still comfortable most of the time.  We are ready for him to come whenever HE is ready.

Are there any other mamas who have a hard time once you enter the ticking time bomb territory at the end of a pregnancy?  How do you maintain peace when everyone around you seems so anxious? 


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  1. I think I can relate to how you feel now. The last week, 39 weeks is the grumpy time. Super sensitive and a little edgy and annoyed by everyone. Hormones and anxiety of the unknown have a lot to do with it. Perfectly normal. You are brave to go unmediated. Tough lady!!!