Friday, August 8, 2014

Puttering Around

Today was nice and slow!  All we did was putter around the house on this rainy day.

Around noon we headed out to pay our water bill and stop by the post office.  Ayden fell asleep on the way home so I transferred him to his crib and then wrestled his car seat out of the car so I could clean it up.

Yikes!  About time I suppose...
Mostly dirt from the building site.  Stuff gets everywhere!

As far as nesting projects go, I got all of our receiving blankets and burp clothes washed, folded and organized along with nursing cover pillows and pack-n-play sheets.  My birthing kit is ready except for a couple of post-partum needs.  We are getting there!  

Since Ayden's car seat cover will be drying for the rest of the night, Ayden and I are staying in.  The rain stopped so David went on out to the building site (he was actually kind of bummed). Ayden and I are watching Monster's Inc. and we are keeping Ayden up a little late tonight so that he and David can have some play time before he goes to bed.  


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