Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Happy 11 Months, Logan!

Logan turned 11 months old a couple of days ago and a little switch flipped!  He's starting to say words (uh-oh, dada, mama, bye bye) and he's starting to make some animal sounds.  He is a full on walker and is quite the explorer.  His birthday party plans are in the works and the theme is going to be "Our Little Explorer" with hot air balloons and maps because at this rate he's going to take on the world!  

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He's still Mr. Mellow.  He has his moments of protest or fussiness but compared to other babies his age he's giving us a relatively easy time.  At 11 months his likes include: anything having to do with water or any other tactile exploration, fruit (especially blueberries and applesauce), olives, jicama, swinging, sliding, climbing stairs, balls, bubbles, putting rocks in his mouth (he's very persistent with that one...), Daddy, Mommy, Ayden, his grandparents and everyone else in the world. He likes airplanes and, though they scare him a little, the mower and horses are very intriguing. He loves being pushed around in our Little Tykes Cozy Coup while Ayden rides his bike and he LOVES music and dancing. I could go on and on about what this child likes about life. He is simply a joy. 

While he has plenty of likes, there are a handful of dislikes too.  He does not like to be left inside of Daddy and Ayden are outside. He doesn't like to be put into his car seat when he is tired though he is usually asleep in under 5 minutes when that happens.  He does not like having his teeth brushed or face wiped and once he has found a treasure to hold onto (usually said toothbrush, a marker or some other stick-like object), he does not like to let it go. 

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, Logan and Ayden have reached some new territory now that Logan is sturdily walking. We are all excited about what this next year will bring for our boys and their relationship with one another. 

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It is interesting to compare the boys.  Ayden was really into "games" where he would perform his new developments on command and Logan just isn't.  You'll notice if you watch the video at the end of the post that Logan only does what I'm prompting him to a few times.  Guess he doesn't see the point in such silly games.  He still was being super cute and I know we'll love seeing him doing whatever 11 month old Logan wants to do come this time next year when he's all big and talking so I left it all in.  Sorry if it is boring for anyone other than his parents. ;) 

Even though he is walking, I'm not going to start calling him a toddler until this time next month. For one more month he is still our precious baby. 

We are so fortunate and happy that we get to call him ours.


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