Friday, August 7, 2015

Uh Oh!

Logan said his first word yesterday!

Once he said it he kept saying it over and over for the rest of the day. We began to wonder if he knew how to use it in the proper context. As it turns out, he was just practicing it because he only said it today if he dropped something or if something fell. Even if said objects were dropped or knocked over on purpose ;). It was adorable. Overall his babbling went to a whole new level during our trip. Being around all of those other kids and being (almost) one month closer to that 1 year mark makes for some fun new developments. 

We arrived home safe and sound today. It feels like we went through a time warp or something. I went to the farmer's market on Sarurday last weekend and then we left Sunday for vacation. Vacation somehow made it feel like I was *just* at the farmer's market and now it's already time to go again!  We had a good time and actually came home a couple of days earlier than everyone else. It felt weird leaving everyone but as soon as we got home we were so glad we decided to cut the trip short. Now we will have the weekend to get things back in order before the week starts. David will also get in some good time on the house which is always good since we are in the home stretch. 


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