Saturday, August 22, 2015

New Adventures

Yesterday the boys and I found a new playground!

Every new playground we find takes us on new adventures. 

Ayden used to love helping me with the dishes and his interest has come back around. 

I also showed him how to collect all of the trash which will now become a weekly chore for him. He really enjoyed having the responsibility. We'll see how long that lasts ;). 

I ended the evening last night with a maternity photo shoot for my sister and had another this morning for a friend. I am using these photos as a reason to learn post processing skills in Adobe Lightroom. I typically take the photos and then David edits them but now I am ready to learn to do it myself. I am excited to see the end results!

We had dinner at a local festival and then went out for some fro-yo. 

I've accomished so much already this weekend that it feels like Sunday!  I'm excited to still have another whole day left in the weekend!


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