Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Big Catch

Logan and I got to join everyone else on the lake today!

Logan's face shows exactly how much he enjoyed wearing that hot and bulky life jacket...

While we were out we stopped to fish and David helped Ayden with his first catch! 

(And I was there to see it!). He was a little heart broken to learn it was an inch too small to keep and grill for dinner. He said goodbye and watched David release it before shedding a few tears. It broke our hearts but it was a great learning experience for Ayden on many levels. 

We are here for a family reunion with my dad, 3 of his 4 siblings and as many of their families who could make it. After lunch, many members of the extended family made it out to the man made beach and we had a blast all together!

Logan got tuckered out while keeping up with the big kids and enjoyed a nap in the fresh air on the beach. 

All week my sisters, parents and is have been taking turns hosting fily dinner. Tonight was our night to host.  We served pulled BBQ pork sandwiches, cole slaw, baked beans, sweet potatoes, and chips with a fily favorite garlic dip. It was raining so everyone hung around for a while afterward. The kids played, the adults chatted and it was a really nice evening

Our original plan was to camp out for our last night here but it is supposed to be raining again. We may end up taking a late night drive home tomorrow night instead. This has been a great trip. 


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