Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Park Hopping

The pre-Fall weather has been GLORIOUS this week!

I've started looking up new parks whenever we make plans to go somewhere and we've been having so much fun exploring all of the possibilities out there!

Today's park was a winner for sure!  There was even more diversity in the kids playing there which is something I've been trying to focus on providing for Ayden. Possibly the best one we have been to. It is near our pediatrician's office so hopefully we can make it back each time we go there for a visit. 


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  1. Love the new banner! Park Hopping is fun :) we have favorite parks in the different neighborhoods in our city. Mac refers to them by names such as the "Whole Food's park" and the "airplane park" because there's one we visit whenever we make the trek out to Whole Foods and one that is near the airport so we see lots of planes fly over whenever we visit that one. :)

  2. Thank you! Ayden has started doing that too. So cute!