Friday, August 28, 2015

Still My Baby

 Ayden and I got started on an alphabet for the wall in our playroom. We read Lady With The Alligator Purse (which he LOVED had me read 5 times!) and then we made an alligator out of a letter A. 

Logan's birthday has been on my mind a lot laty. Obviously, party planning is underway but mainly I'm just seriously blown away that this sweet baby has been with us for almost a year already. 

While he is growing and changing by leaps and bounds these days, there are still some things that are still baby like. The noises he makes when he is nursing, his sweet, whispy hair, his dimple knuckles, his adorable babbling. I feel incredibly grateful to him for still being so cuddly even though he is in full active toddler mode. He lets me cradle him and love on him all I want and even does it back.  I am soaking him and his "babyness" in as much as I can!  

We stayed home all day today for the first time in a long time and it was so enjoyable.  I had one on one time with each boy, they played together on their own while I got some house work done and I also joined in while we all played together. One of the most enjoyable moments of the day was during Logan's morning nap.  Ayden and I snuggled up on an outdoor chair and I read to him from his current beloved Magic Treehouse book (We are on number 6 and he is obsessed!)  Ke kept siging contented sighs and even said, "This feels good."  I could not have agreed more.  Also, I asked him what he loved about Mommy and he said, "I love how warm you are." and that also made my day.  What better thing to be for your child than a sense of warmth and comfort?  He is a sweetheart. 

 After David got home he scrapped his mowing plans and we all went on another adventure so we could show Daddy the "little house."  We all ended the night on a good note and are ready for a busy weekend.


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  1. Have you all decided if Ayden will go to public school or if you will homeschool? We are having a tough time deciding for our little guy!