Monday, May 28, 2012

Little Fish

Happy Memorial Day! I wish every week had a 3 day weekend. It was so wonderful to have David with us. 3 day weekends are also nice because you can conquer your usual weekend to do's but still have plenty of time to relax and play. We celebrated today with a family pool day!

Ayden has loved his baths from day one, so we have been looking forward to swimming with him this summer. We went to one of our local public pools and had so much fun!

LOVE the little sandals! :)
Ayden loved the water as we predicted.  He was mainly just pretty chill, looking all around and feeling the cool water on his skin.  We decided to move from the baby pool and take him into the main pool so we could enjoy the water too.  That's when he really started to have fun.  We were lifting him in and out of the water and he was smiling and laughing.  He really was so happy in the water, we can't wait to take him back!

He had so much fun that he took a nap for an hour and a half, pool side. :)

I think the waterfalls in the kiddy pool, along with all of the other sounds of a public pool, made for perfect white noise.  He slept in the shade with a nice breeze, it's no wonder it was such a good nap for him (that and the fact that he woke up about every hour the night before...).

The rest of the day was pretty nice too.  We came home, showered, made paleo lasagna for dinner, took a walk while it baked, ate it and all got to bed early.  It's so nice to take a break from the normal routine and do something fun as a little family today.  Too bad David has to go back to work tomorrow!  Ayden and I have both really loved having him with us so much this weekend.

When was the earliest that you took your baby swimming?  Did you wait until 6 months old to use sunscreen?  We got him the little swim shirt and sun hat pictured above but I was so worried about his little legs the whole time.  We just limited our time in the sun for today, but we're wondering if a natural baby sunblock on his legs would be so bad at 4 months... Thoughts?



  1. So adorable! Glad your family had fun! I look forward to reading your blog all the time, ur blog is the only "mommy blog" i enjoy reading!

  2. I too had an issue figuring out sunblock during my son's first summer. His doctor would not ok me to use sunblock on him, natural or otherwise. The doctor would only say that they don't recommend use of sunblock until 6 months of age and that in the meantime I should use other precautions such as hats and long sleeves and shading. I found a website in which a mom/daughter duo layout a lot of their research for others to help guide them. Here is their post on sunscreen:
    I did end up using sunscreen on my baby (figured it was safer to use a "safe" sunscreen than go bare) and ended up using the Badger sunscreen. You can buy it on Amazon.

    1. That's kind of how I'm feeling too. I'll definitely check out the link, thanks! We go to his pediatrician in a couple of weeks so I'll ask him about it then too...

    2. Cool! Glad I could help :)