Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Birthday Building

Today was David's birthday!  He decided to take the day off. The boys went to play at my sister's house while David and I had a breakfast date.  We went to a local bakery and it was very enjoyable. 

When we got home we parted ways. David went out to the house to build and the boys and I went to the grocery. While the boys napped I prepped a birthday apple pie for my man and then we headed to the studio.

Here is the porch progress that they made today:

Before today's progress.

We went out for a late dinner at our favorite spot. 

When we got home I put the pie in the oven and we ate some of it after the boys went to bed.  Happy birthday to David!  I am one lucky wifey and I love celebrating the day he was born into the world.


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