Monday, April 27, 2015

Getting The Hang Of It

We hosted playgroup today!

We grilled out for dinner and ate alfresco. Afterward we went over to the farm. I planted the rest of the perineals that my play group mommy friend gave me and the boys played in the dirt. 

"These nails are for our porch to stay up."

My mom stopped by and brought me a couple of hasta starts so I planted those as well and showed her the progress that's been made on the electric and porch. 

We watered both the veggie and flower gardens before we left and It seems as though Ayden is getting the hang of it!  Each time we tend the garden he becomes a little more focused and is grasping the purpose. It has been a really neat process to observe. 

The weather has been on the cooler side but our schedule is definitely feeling Summer like. When I went out to do the evening chicken chores I noticed that the sky was clear and the stars were shining so brightly. I took a moment to admire them and soak in the tranquility. One major advantages to country life is having such a clear, beautiful view of the stars.


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