Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Too Much Pressure

We have been taking it easy this week and it has been great!  It is amazing how clean a home can stay when you are actually home enough to maintain it. I think both boys have enjoyed the lighter load as much as I have. 

Ayden is SOOO into playdoh at the moment. 

He's been building Buzz Lightyear.
We did venture out to the studio so I could teach dance but one of my soloists is out of town so we got to come home a half hour earlier. Has anyone ever read, Berenstain Bears: Too Much Pressure? Their schedule was so overloaded that Mama cracked under the stress of it all. That was going to be me if I didn't so something.  Though I keep us pretty busy, I typically like things like play group and story time. They give us a change of scenery and give Ayden socialization. I was feeling stressed because I had fallen so behind on stuff around the house and also had some extra stuff on my to do list that I just could not find time to tend to. It all started weighing so heavily on me that I decided I just needed to make time. So, here we are, half way through our "week off" and feeling much better!  The kids clothing is officially swapped out and everything that needed to be stored is finally in the shed. I got all of my sister's baby clothes and gear that she had leant us back to her. I got my housekeeping tasks back under control to the point where I can easily stay on top of them. I plan to do my first KonMari purge (clothing) tomorrow. The productivity has felt amazing and was much needed. The best part of it all  is that play group was moved to Friday this week. I had planned on skipping it when it was on Monday as usual but I think Ayden and I will both be ready for some socialization by Friday. It worked out perfectly for us!

Have you ever cleared your schedule for the week so you could play catch-up and refocus your priorities?  It may be something I do a few times a year from now on (or just whenever I feel the need).


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  1. I know what you mean. The pressure can be intense. Be sure to show us your new clothing picks. Would love ideas, colors, and recommendations. I am also getting rid of clothes and starting new and fresh. I am in my thirties and time for more sophisticated looks.

  2. I took the day off of work today and we had the perfect day. Homeschool was awesome, we took a walk, made bread and cookies, had more time for homeschool, and a second trip outside to play. All the while I stayed on top of any messes. It was awesome. I can only imagine what I could accomplish with a whole week off!