Wednesday, April 15, 2015

This And That: Life Saver

Ayden's new tent bed is still working out great!

Polly likes it too :)

Logan seems to love any meal that contains ground beef. 

Spaghetti squash with meat sauce.

He also loves waking up early from his naps so he can play with Ayden's toys...

Don't tell Ayden!

This is how he finishes his naps on those days. 

A good carrier is a life saver in my opinion.
How do moms get anything done if they don't wear their babies??
Batman got a new book in the mail from a dear friend today!

He LOVES it!
It's about honey bees and is a perfect addition to our library.
He kept wanting us to read it over and over again.

Today was low key and I got some pretty big items that have been weighing me down crossed off of my to do list. We left the house to teach dance but other than that we enjoyed some time at home!


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  1. My baby hates meat. I can only imagine how stinky those diapers are getting for you, lol. I know there is controversy on wearing your baby whenever they cry or get fussy. I know some people feel this can create problems down the road with kids becoming too clingy. You mentioned you are an introvert and from what I understand, introverts need their space. I would only think baby wearing would create a lack of control and space feeling if done not for pleasure but rather to always calm an agitated baby. I know you mentioned you do what feels right. I think that is great as long as you dont start fesling stress from it. it would not work for my personality. If my child always expected to be held or worn and unable to soothe herself, it would create major issues in my home. I am glad it is working for you though. The speghetti and meat looks delicious. Tomorrow I make that.

    1. I do love baby wearing! It's just once or twice a day and usually helps me complete a few tasks/projects which makes me feel really good. The diapers aren't smelling too bad yet but the consistency sure is changing! LOL. Spaghetti squash with meat sauce is one of our favorite meals. We have it almost every week! :)