Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Upgrades All Around

I have a new phone!  My father-in-law had been considering upgrading to the latest iPhone so he went ahead and took the plunge and then handed his 5s down to me. I had a 4s and since we try to use things until they are no longer usable, I was making due with a phone that would die any time at random even if the battery was still at 30%, only had sound half of the time, would freeze up while in camera mode, and the most recent issue was that my camera stopped focusing. But, it still texted, made calls, accessed the Internet, etc. Even so, truth be told, I think it was time for an upgrade anyway.  We just needed a little nudge. We are so grateful that it worked out this way and both me and my father-in-law got upgrades in the process. 

An added bonus is the improved camera quality!  These photos were snapped just before bedtime in extremely low light. 

My old phone would have produced super noisy (or grainy) and even blurrier images. I am excited to try out the camera in some natural light!  Logan turns 7 months tomorrow so I'll have my first opportunity during his monthly "owl shots" :). 

Yay for convinient daily blogging again!  Thanks for hanging in there with me...


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1 comment:

  1. My iphone 4 does the same (sound half the time, grainy pics). I have a 5c but getting to the store to get it fitted with a new SIM card is just not top priority so I use the 5c with WiFi when I can and keep it handy for pics. Glad you're back up and running! Miss seeing daily pics of those two cuties on IG! :)