Saturday, April 4, 2015

Earth Day Festival

Today was the opening day of the Spring farmer's market!

David was hard at work over at the build site so the boys and I stopped by an Earth Day festival for a couple of hours on our way home.

The host facility does rehabilitation for birds of prey so we got to enjoy a very informative show and tell.

Barred Owl
Owls with black eyes hunt in the middle of the  night.
Owls with yellow eyes hunt at dusk and dawn.

Great Horned Owl
500 lbs of pressure in EACH foot!
Also the most aggressive bird of prey.

Logan slept through the whole thing as per usual but he was awake later for some dinner!!

He LOVED his red cabbage and pear but most of his sweet potatoes came back out...
He seems to prefer his sweet potatoes baked in fry form over whipped.


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