Thursday, April 9, 2015

Happy 7 Months, Logan!

Sweet Logan is 7 months old today!

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He started crawling 4 days ago on Easter. He still doesn't get far but I'd imagine he'll be all over the place by this time next week. His teeth STILL are not in yet...  but they seem to be taking a break because he has been less irritable and he probably appreciates it.  He loves to reach out and touch everyone and everything he can and will put anything he does get a hold of right into his mouth. He is babbling all of the time with lots of "mamama," "dadada," "bababa," wawawa."  Of course, just like with his big brother, mama usually comes out when he is unhappy/whiney and dada comes out in the most happy and playful voice. Serious business requires Mommy I suppose ;). His sleep is hit or miss these days depending on what he is going through. We'll have a couple of rough days and then a solid day. That lets us know the good sleeper is still in there and waiting to come back whenever development is taking a break. He has started showing signs of separation anxiety.

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Likes: Mommy, Daddy and Ayden of course. Everyone else, animals, baths, diaper changes, strings, books (for chewing more than reading), music/singing, zucchini lasagna and pears are his current favorite foods. 

Dislikes: Being over tired, putting his feet in rain puddles, having his face and hands wiped after mealtimes, watching us walk away from him, pushing himself backward when he really wants to move forward. 

He is still a little ray of sunshine on this family and we all love him so dearly. What did we ever do without him?


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