Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Pioneer Chick

Ayden found a "way cool forest" in the parking lot of the library after storytime yesterday. 

Our sweet nature boy.

It was SUCH a beautiful day that we walked to the park afterward with a playgroup friend and her mommy. 

I was hoping to get Logan into the swings but he fell asleep on the walk there.
Before heading home we made a couple of pit stops to the hardware store for David and a feed/animal supply store for the chickens. 

Can anyone spot Ayden?

When I got home and went to check on the chicks I found that they had gotten one of the flaps on their box to fall and over half of them were running free around the room. What a MESS that was... I'm so glad that happened on the first day that was warm enough to take them outside for a little while!

David stayed home from building and had quality time with the boys while I scrubbed the floor in the office and cleaned up after our escaped jail birds. It took over an hour to get it all cleaned up.  He also did the dishes after the boys were in bed while I go caught up on a few other chores that had fallen by the wayside. Now that the weather is warmer and we are spending more time outside it is time to tweak my routines to help me stay at least half way stay on top of the tasks that keep the household running smoothly. After David's help last night and my canceling all of our plans today to stay home and work on it I am finally caught up!  Now if we can just find a way to maintain it we'll be feing really good. I think it's just a matter of remembering my "good habits for a tidy home" and us working really hard together to implement them each day. 


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