Saturday, April 11, 2015

Errand Break

The wife of one of David's co-workers decided to get herself some bees!  Her mentor wasn't available to help get them into the hives so she asked us to come help yesterday. 

That's me on the left.
This morning the boys and I went to the farmer's market as usual and then stopped to pick up lunch for David and his dad. 

We also stopped by the consignment store where we purchased Ayden's new tent last week. When he kept talking about a Little Tykes airplane that he saw there it made me want to involve him a little more in the decluttering process of his toys. I loaded up a box of toys he rarely, if ever, played with anymore into the car and, as I expected, he then decided that they were the best toys ever. I then explained to him that taking those toys to the consignment store and selling them would allow other children the chance to enjoy them as well as give us money to buy that plane he loved so much.  He was more than willing to take all of those toys in after that. I would really love to teach our children that stuff is just that. Stuff. Nothing more, nothing less. If you use it regularly and love it, keep it for as long as you like. When you don't use it or like it anymore, sell it so you can have money to replace it with something even more enjoyable or useful. I would have loved to start out my journey as an adult with a "stuff fund" mindset. Sell some of what you have to get what you want. You usually have to sell several of something to make enough money for just one of something new so it's even better than a one in, one out rule. Today we sold around 8 toys and had enough money to
purchase two (we also got a puzzle for Logan). That's a four out one in turn around and that will work for me!

After this past week when we had some sort of activity or appointment scheduled ever single day I am a little tired of running errands. I am going to get out to the grocery tomorrow and have to pay our water bills after play group on Monday but after that I am going to *try* to take an errand break for most of the upcoming week. I just want to spend some time at home letting the boys play and letting myself have some quiet quality time with them while I cross off some big to do list items. 

Daddy was mowing and Ayden thought it was too loud!
Do you ever need an errand break?  I usually don't mind them too badly but this past week was a little much with the car appointment and the children's museam so I am one tired mama!


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