Friday, April 17, 2015


Today was just the day I needed. We did not go anywhere all day. 

Can you spot Logan?  He started out over to left at the blue toy bin...
There is no stopping this boy now.  He has totally got the hang of the crawling thing.

Maverick is thrilled...

Helpful big bro in action.

Weeds have never been so beautiful.

There was also a lot of cleaning in there. 

After dinner we did go over to our farm for a couple of hours. David had some weed eating to do and I had the kids while I worked in the garden. Logan fell asleep on my back in the Ergo and Ayden started out going between his mud kitchen, the dirt "mountain" and a big gravel pile. He had his work tools and really was working hard! He eventually made his way over to me and actually helped me plant a few little rows of lettuce. He helped with digging the holes, measuring the spacing, placing the transplants in the holes, filling them in, patting them down and watering them. He said filling the holes in was like tucking the baby lettuce into bed. He even said, "Awww, it's so cute!"  When a leaf fell off of one I told he could eat it if he wanted. He did and called it delicious. I am already excited for our first big harvest! He loved it! When we were finishing up the sun was setting and the sky was streaked with pale pinks and blues. We blew some bubbles and Ayden was giggling and chasing them around. It was such an enjoyable experience and was exactly what I had hoped we would be able to do together this Summer. He has come so far since our first planting with the peas a few weeks ago!  

I know today was just one of those days where everything somehow fell into place but if we have more days like it this Summer I'll definitely be one happy gal! Today was the perfect day for my soul. 


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  1. Do you all have a raised garden bed or did you just dig one in the ground? I was wanting just a traditional garden dug in the ground, but without a tiller I'm realizing that's almost impossible!

  2. We have a raised bed this year. We have mountains of top soil from where they dug out our driveway and basement. We used to do very large gardens dug in the ground. My parents do own a tiller but it is on the fritz at the moment...