Monday, April 13, 2015

5 Happy Things: Chick Chores

I had 5 photos to share today so that must mean it's time for a 5 Happy Things post!

1) The ownership Ayden has taken over the chicks.
He always wants to be involved with their care.

2) Little reminders of why we are on this homesteading journey in the first place.

3) This.  Always this.

4) 2 seater shopping carts.
Logan rides in the Ergo while we shop but it in nice to be  able to have a place to set him down when it is time for me to lean in and get our groceries out of the cart.

 It also allows this sort of thing to happen :)

5) Watching my babies sleep.
Nothing helps me regain "the days are long but the years are short" perspective like this. 

Writing these posts always makes me feel so wonderful.  Now it's time for you to list your 5 happy things from today!  Please leave them in a comments below.


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