Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Deja Vu

This is bringing back memories!

The dishwasher was one of Ayden's favorite places to practice his standing too! 

We got Logan to bed early tonight and Ayden and I had some good quality one on one time. We played soccer and made cookies. Things are so busy for us right now with building the house, purging our belongings to ensure we don't take unnecessary items into our new home, bees, gardens, chicks and everyday housekeeping. I am working really hard to make sure that I put life on pause and make a true connection with each child everyday in the midst of it all. 

Throwing his football and soccer ball simultaneously.
The best part is that they are with us during every step of the way, helping, observing or playing along side all of our projects and endeavors. I'm pretty sure all of it counts as quality time together but it's nice to shift the focus from our tasks to theirs. 


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