Monday, April 20, 2015

Bee Garden

Bye bye sweet gummy grin and hello adorable tooth!

There is also a lot of this going on...

Ayden decided to be a little Daddy today. He packed his bag and took my old baby doll for a walk.  

He packed Aophie giraffe for her so every time he took a step he squeaked. This next photo cracked me up. Just before I snapped it I asked, "Why are your eyes closed?" And he said, "They're not. I'm winkin'. "

This kid! LOL
One of my dear play group mom friends split several of her perinneals recently and gave me starts for Sedum, Day Lilly, Mum, Spider Wart, and Black Eyed Susan. We have a flower bed over a leech field for our grey water system so tonight I planted them there for now. Once we move in and start doing a little landscaping I'll transfer them to various spots around our yard. I also plan to plant lavender, wildflower sand other plants that will attract pollinators. It will be my view outy kitchen window so I'd love to make it a butterfly and bee sanctuary!


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