Thursday, April 16, 2015

Into Everything

The first few days after checking out a new batch of library books is always very quiet.

Logan had a vaccine appointment this morning. He didn't cry this time, he just frowned at the nurse like he was thinking: "That was very unpleasant.  Why would you do that?" Then it passed and he was all smiles again.

His little teeth are also FINALLY working their way towards the surface.  I can *sort* of feel the one on the right.  It must be winning the race...

After his appointment we ran some errands.  

My helper!  Being a gentleman and carrying the bag for Mommy.

Logan napped in the Ergo while we were shopping so he was awake for some one on one time during Ayden's nap.

This kid's personality is exploding right now!

And this is also happening...
He is already getting into EVERYTHING!
I'm not sure that I was ready for it but it's happening.
We all went out to the house after dinner.  They are starting electrical work and David needed my help with deciding on switch and outlet placement.  His parents also came out.  Grandma played with Ayden outside while Grandpa worked on installing our recessed lighting cans in the living room.

Ayden has been finding roots and sticks and naming them after sea creatures.
This was a "decorator crab".

The chicks are quickly outgrowing their brood box.  Lucky for them, the forecast changed for today and they got to get outside!  When we got home and got the boys to bed, David did the dishes while I went out and cleaned out the bedding in the brooder and got all of the chicks and chickens tucked in for the night.  It will be SO nice when the chicks finally join the chickens in the coop!  

I have started a new book called, The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up" and am really excited about the KonMari method of decluttering.  It's going to be a lot of work but it is EXACTLY what we need!  I am going to try to finish the book over the weekend so I can begin to implement it all on Monday.

Anyone else read the book or tried the KonMari method?  Did it work for you?


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  1. It's a popular book. I'm on my library's wait list for the audiobook. I can't wait!