Saturday, June 13, 2015

If I Could Keep You Little

Yesterday I read a book that tugged at my heartstrings called If I Could Keep You Little.  To sum it up, it's a book about how if we really could keep our kids little, we'd miss out on all they could grow up to be.  

Shhhh! Quiet backstage.

This parenting thing has and always will be a roller coaster of emotion.  Every time I hear Ayden say, "Can you kiss it?" or "Can you wipe my tears?" I am overwhelmed with the realization that someday it just won't be that easy to ease his pain.  I definitely struggle with the "I just want to keep you little forever!" mentality.  But on the flip side, Ayden is big enough now for things to start being a little easier.  

Today's example was for his nap time.  We were at the dress rehearsal and were not able to run home for nap time.  He does skip nap upon occasion but on those days he ends up having a melt down of some sort or isn't able to control himself very well. I did not feel like it would be fair to either of us to put him in that situation in a place where he really needed to make lots of right choices. I considered taking him on a "snooze cruise" but then I would have lost my parking spot while wasting gas.  I borrowed my sister's umbrella stroller and we went for a walking snooze cruise.  Before we left I got down on his level and told him exactly what we were doing.  I told him that it was nap time and that we were going to go for a walk so he could fall asleep in his cousin's stroller.  He, of course, said he wasn't tired and that he did not need a nap.  That is when I said that he could choose to nap or not but that if he did not take a nap that we were going home.  It was sunny and really hot so I wanted to keep all of us in the shade (I was wearing Logan in the Ergo) so all I did was park him in the shade and 10 minutes later this happened:

Granted, he typically naps around 1 and it was after 3 by this time so, despite what he said, he really was tired. He also REALLY loves playing with all of the kids that have been around and I suppose having to take a nap was worth getting to stay and play a while longer after he woke up. 

Having little ones is exhaustingly wonderful but I can see how having big kids and beyond will be wonderful too.


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