Friday, June 5, 2015


The the past few days Logan has learned how to open cabinets, climb a step (luckily just one for now) and flush the potty. Kids are SO curious and adventurous at this age. When he sees something new he gets this "Must. Touch. Immediately" look in his eye and if given the opportunity, he will sit and explore a new object for a long time. 

Ayden has cycled back around to loving audio books and it is GLORIOUS. The last time he was this into audio books was during my first trimester of Logan's pregnancy. Hearing the same books playing is giving me flashbacks to dozing off on the playroom floor while he listened to book after book. Haha.  Fatigue may have been my only first trimester symptom but it sure was a doozy!


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  1. My son used to watch Cars over and over when I had a lot of morning sickness in my first trimester so now when he watches it I get a nauseous feeling! It's the weirdest thing! It's like my brain associated those sights and sounds with being sick lol