Monday, June 22, 2015

Bearding Bees

We enjoyed another jog this morning!  

Playgroup was postponed until later in the week so we had a free morning. After  the jog we stopped at my parents' house for a visit. I wanted to have a "date" with Ayden while Logan played with my mom inside but big bro wanted Logan to play too. He loves Logan so much and can't wait for him to be bigger so they can really play together. It makes us wonder if maybe we should have had our kids even closer together... 

I also got to pay a visit to my bees today 

See the one to the far left in the photo? And see all the bees all over the front?

That is called "bearding" and it is a sign of a hive that is in its prime for the season.  David had checked their honey super just last week and it wasn't yet full and when I checked today it was over flowing. I added another super and we are so glad that the first one is ready for a harvest because we are down to our last 2 pints of the 80+ pounds that we harvested last season. We have been gifting it to friends and family for helping on the house, taking care of our chickens, various holidays, etc all year and while it feels SO good to share it in that way, we almost didn't have enough to get ourselves through the Summer... 

The other two hives are considerably behind the bearding hive because they were the split (the floral one) and the hive we used for the split (the yellow one) and they had a late start/set back respectively. This hive that is going strong survived the winter but lost its queen. We gave it a new queen and a couple of frames of brood from the yellow hive (which was yet another set back for it) and boy did it take off!  It was the swarm we caught on Derby Day 2014 and was our strongest producing hive last year. If things keep going the way they are, it is going to live up to its reputation again this season. 

Today was an overall rough day with Ayden. He took so much out of me but I was able to rally by the end of the day and do some preventative disciplining and bedtime was smooth sailing. It takes more effort but the results speak for themselves. So glad we got to end the day on such a strong note!  In Logan news, he took 2 steps before falling right after David for home from work. He is really working on this walking thing and I'm pretty sure it'll be happening within the next week or so. Here we though Mr. Mellow was going to be a late bloomer but he is definitely proving to be just as persistent with learning new skills as Ayden was (and still is!). 



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