Friday, June 26, 2015

Lots Of Happy Things: Ensuing Chaos

We have hit a crazy phase at our house. Logan is going full throttle and while Ayden is very helpful by alerting me of whenever Logan is getting into mischief, he kind of turns everything into a crisis. Every 10 minutes I hear things like, "Oh no!  Logan's playing with Maverick's water bowl!!" or "Mommy!  He's going to make up my Legos!!" (He says "make" instead of "mess" at the moment), etc, etc.  Each and every one is in a super panic tone of voice.  Needless to say, it puts me on edge after a little while...  After pulling Logan out of the bathroom, out of the dog water, out of a kitchen cabinet, away from Ayden's building activities, all while I was trying to wash a few dishes, I decided to pull out our play yard.  It helped long enough for me to get the dishes done before Logan was over it and ready to get his hands into the next interesting thing he could find.  Ayden always wants to be wherever Logan is and Logan going all over the place all the time can be pretty frustrating for him.  When Ayden saw me put Logan in the pen he, of course, was excited as me for Logan to be contained for a little while and wanted to join him.  

Ahhh. A few moments of peace...
Logan worked his way through a basket of toys while Ayden sat and listened to music and it was a welcomed break from the new level of chaos that is ensuing.  This stage where a baby is old enough to get around and is developing the dexterity to open/get into things yet is not old enough to understand the "rules" about it all is CRA-ZY.  Add a "helpful" big bro to the mix and mama just might pull her hair out.

Though things feel even more chaotic than usual, there are still rainbows and sunshine all around us! Especially since the "problems" we are having are actually wonderful new developments for both boys...

1) The way these boys play together now is a WONDERFUL glimpse of what is to come for them.  They are going to have so much fun as brothers.

2) I got a water color print and these ADORABLE magnets from TheWeatField on Etsy.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE her work.  She gets me. ;)
Surrounding yourself with things that spark joy really does do great things for the soul.
*side note* - I would LOVE if she could design labels for our honey jars.

2. Ayden was inspired by a library book to eat avocado right out of the skin with a spoon for snack today.
Good stuff.

3. Our lefty is making progress on writing his name!
I did not have to model the letter formations, though I did have to help him keep track of which letter he was supposed to be writing next.
I am trying to keep the name writing practice casual and meaningful but I am usually abel to sneak it in at least once a day. 

4. Family game night!
David took the night off from building after a couple of tough days on the roof.
It was also storming so instead of riding bikes, we pulled out a board game.

Ayden LOVED it and did great!
It is called Snail Pace Race and is a great starter game!
I got ours at the Good Will for $1 my second year of teaching!

Logan gnawed and sucked on a chicken leg the whole time while we played two games.
And not to get all political on you guys but...
5. Our children can now not only marry whomever they wish someday but also have the legal rights to go along with it.  Equality is always a good thing in my opinion.
Love prevails in the land of the FREE!

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  1. My 2 year old Ayden is a lefty too! I read online that they are doing studies saying the way the municipal cord wraps around, which direction it goes determines in a lot of cases right or left handed ness! You should look that up and if you happen to have any pictures of it you could see!

  2. So much of this post made me happy! First, equality for all, yay! Also my Robbie is also a lefty. And today was the first day that we can remember that he was jealous of the baby, 11 whole weeks! We put "Robbie's" hat (that he grew out of) on Jamie and he said mine! I can't believe how good he is with his little bro. I'm also excited to see them grow and be friends together.