Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father To Two

How blessed are we to be able to celebrate Father's Day with so many wonderful dads/grandpas. 

My children are so fortunate to have a father like David. 

I could not have asked for a better parenting partner or role model for our sons. Someone to show them each and every day that it is not perfection that we are striving for but the ability to put pride aside, be open minded about others and to be reflective upon ourselves. David is such a hard worker and a passionate, devoted individual in all areas of his life.  I can only hope our boys can grow up to be something like him in their own ways.

Logan's foot print and Ayden's hand print.
Ink pad prints for the WIN!
I love paint for art and older kid handprints but for babies, ink pads are the way to go.
We had David with us all day today and we celebrated the day by having a "normal" family day. We had a special breakfast, went to the farmer's market and ran a couple of other errands. David got to indulge in an afternoon nap with Logan which is a rarity he LOVES and has been missing since the newborn days.

We stopped for visits with both of our dads. 

Hand print Yoda cards for the grandfather Star Wars fans.
And we just enjoyed the rest of the day. 

Holding a butterfly.
He rode his bike over a half a mile!

Always wanting to be like big brother.

Happy Father's Day to David, our dads and all of the other dads out there. Hope everyone had a wonderful day. 


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  1. Sometimes those "normal days" are some of the best.....what a great tribute to your husband and thecreditcard"grandpas" .