Monday, June 29, 2015

Looking Within

We had such a good day today!  Ayden and I were totally in sync which always feels so good. 

Rainy day plan TP tube craft.

Superhero gobbling down lettuce at dinner.
Daddy told him it's what gives super heros their powers so he asked for some more.

It was raining this evening so David was not able to finish the roof but we had him home with us so we didn't mind!  It stopped raining long enough for a family walk, just like we took almost every night when Ayden was Logan's age. 

We can't go on a walk without Ayden packing the essentials.
He even packed a half eaten banana and a bottle of water.
He kept offering them to us.
This super hero really cares for those he protects!

I truly believe that happiness comes from within. Whenever I am feeling down or get in a rutt, I work to disregard the natural tendency to look around for who/what to balme. Instead, I try my best to look within and FIND peace and happiness. Today, I woke up and made the decision that the day would be wonderful and what do you know?  It really was.


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