Friday, June 19, 2015

Speed Racer

Ayden called himself "Mr. Speed Racer" all day. The funny part is that he doesn't even know about the actual Speed Racer character...

I took Logan's 9 month photos today and they turned out so good!  Here are a few back of the camera sneak peeks:

This look!  LOL.
(Taking suggestions for a meme.)

Can't wait to share the finished products in their entirety!  No telling when we will get around to post processing (his 6 month photos were still sitting on the camera).  At least they exist!  That is all that matters to me at this point.

It is really hard to believe that his next big photo shoot will be for his 1st birthday... Less than 3 months and our baby will officially be a toddler (though we are pretty sure he will be walking by next month). 


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