Thursday, June 11, 2015

Tahitian Stander

Today was the big leotard rehearsal day!

*Finally* caught a photo of Logan free standing.
LOVE the sumo stance :)

In PJs for the ride home.  Instead of falling asleep, though, he chatted with me all the way home.
We also got to see the proofs from Ayden's pre-dance photos that were taken on Wednesday. Logan even got in on the action. If I had known that was going to happen I probably would have dressed him in a snazzier outfit...

(These are photos of the proofs. Photo credits go to Take2 Productions). 

Ayden was having so much fun running around and playing with all the other kids that we stayed until 10:00. He is such a little social butterfly!  One of the girls he played with a lot is named Grayson but he kept calling her "Raisin." He does that a lot when he hears a new word or name. He'll sort of default to a similar, more familiar word and go with it. I kept saying her name to help him hear the difference but raisin seemed to be stuck. It's was adorable nonetheless and she did not seem to mind. 

One night down, two more to go! 


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