Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Win Some Lose Some

I am really loving our new double jogging stroller. It is so much easier to be active now!  We went out for a long walk/jog this morning. 

We were out for about an hour total and did about 3 miles when it was all said and done. It was so incredibly peaceful and after such a great start, the rest of the day just fell into place. 

Logan took his morning nap and Ayden played with a slug.

Home for lunch!

And lots of playing.

Here's that third tooth and number 4 will be here any day now.

We left for the studio a little early this afternoon because I was meeting up with someone who purchased our non-jogging double stroller that I had for Little Miss and Ayden way back when. I had never gotten it out for Ayden and Logan and a double jogger is so much more practical for a more active/country living lifestyle. One more thing out of our lives and we got a little more money in our "stuff for stuff" fund. I think I am rubbing off on David because he wants me to list his golf clubs next. 

The only thing that did not fall gracefully into place today was when I found a honeybee swarm on my way home from the studio this evening. I got SO excited, drove home to get some swarm catching supplies and drove back to find they had already moved on. I was SOO bummed. You win some and you lose some and tonight was not my lucky swarm catching night...  I called to tell my mentor about it and he said that if they don't find a place, sometimes they'll go back home for the night and swarm again in the morning. He said to check back around 11 so that is my plan!  Wish me luck because we still have an empty hive to fill!


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