Saturday, June 6, 2015

Triple Crown Pie

I finally put some of those strawberries that we picked into a pie!

David helped out so much because he washed and hulled all of those strawberries for me!  He weighed out a pound for some jelly, 2 lbs for this beautiful pie and then we had about 3 lbs for the freezer. We've been putting them in our smoothies and they are delicious.  

And just because he's adorable:

The funny thing about taking this photo was when I showed it to him he did not notice the milk mustache. He checked the floor for the milk he spilled but somehow none ended up coming out while he dropped it to pose for a picture. Haha. 

We got him all cleaned up and then we went to a party at David's parent's house for the Belmont horse race.  My friend Whitney and I missed the actual race because we were outside keeping little ones happy but we still had a great time!

Logan fell asleep on the way home and David got Ayden all ready for bed so bedtime was a breeze for me tonight. A welcomed little break indeed. 


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