Saturday, June 20, 2015

Rainy Day Rain Check

It poured for most of the day today...

I decided to give our farmer's market trip a rain check for tomorrow and we had a quiet day at home instead. 

Mommy and Ayden quiet time during Logan's morning nap.

Ayden is LOVING his new bike. It is really amazing how quickly he has picked up the skills for steering, pedaling and such in just a couple of days. After nap we went to the grocery and when we got home, David was back from working on the electric in our new house. He got his bike out and they rode together while I made dinner. 

Logan is getting into so much mischief these days. He is trying to unplug lamps, opening all kinds of cabinets, wandering off to "explore" anything and everything he can. He followed me into our TV room and didn't follow me back out. I went to get him only to find in the seconds he was in there without me he had opened a cabinet, found some candles and dropped them into Mavericks water bowl. Needless to say, we have a little bit of child proofing to do. He also finally figured out how to climb up onto the bottom step of our stairs. The way they are set up we can't really use a baby gate on them because the bottom two steps stick out further than the wall/banister. While he wouldn't be able to climb too incredibly high, for this stage of coordination, falling off just one step could be a pretty big fall.  At this age for Ayden we were still at our old house which had perfect stairs for learning.  They were carpeted and had a landing where they curved mid way up and we actually spent a lot of time on them.  Logan does not have the luxury of a safe place to practice and learn stair skills so we are trying to teach him how to "go down backwards" off of Ayden's floor bed or other places with a small step.  We will have to use our play yard to block the stairs for now. Not the most esthetically pleasing option but it will get the job done.

While his new found curiosity has upped the chaos in our lives a bit, we are trying to maintain the perspective that we are so lucky to have a smart, curious little boy to be getting into everything. Him keeping us on our toes while he explores his environment is a sign of healthy development for which we are proud and grateful. It is amazing how you can forget how crazy life with a pre-toddler/young toddler can be once your older kids have been out of the phase for a while!


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