Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Breathing Room

Ayden started the day with a little gardening!

Garden themed sensory tub that is!



The people who purchased our dining room furniture came to pick it up today and I was excited to do a little rearranging.  We had a less than ideal layout because the far wall in the photo below was the only one with enough wall space for our massive buffet china hutch. We have had the kitchen table from our old house up in our office and I was using it as a craft table.  I moved the living room furniture to the far end and brought the table downstairs.  Now our eating area is right off the kitchen instead of across the length of the house.

Now when Ayden needs a refill of his milk during dinner, we don't have so far to go.  I've also been reading the book Love The Home You Have which has inspired me to put forth extra effort to create more inviting "cozy little nooks."

A place for reading.

Inviting places for the kids.
I have been exploring area rug options for the new house and can't decide if I want to go ahead and buy one for our new and improved style or if I want to get one of the ones from our old house down for the shed for now. I have been selling quite a few things and have some extra money to play with for new decor but I'll probably just keep saving it and go ahead and use what we have for now...  The issue is the DOG FUR.  Maverick is blowing his winter undercoat right now and the fur buildup between DAILY vacuumings is INSANE.  We even had him groomed while he was in the kennel during our camping trip over Memorial Day weekend and it is still covering the house.  While a rug will warm the place up a bit, I think I'll wait until this round of shedding is done before putting down a rug.

I also have plans for an eclectic gallery wall for the living room at the new house so I might go ahead and start putting together pieces for that over the couch since that big wall is pretty bare at the moment.  I have leaned a lonely DIY canvas that I did while I was overdue and waiting for Logan on the wall with plans to hang it but I feel like it needs something a little more than that alone.  So many possibilities and I am inspired!

I could not believe the physical relief I experienced with the additional space we have gained.  Those big, dark pieces, though beautiful, were just too much for this little house and they were not only crowding our space but also our minds.  Now we look across the house and see more space for LIFE to take place.  It was bittersweet seeing that furniture go, as we had a lot of wonderful memories around that table, but it sure was liberating.  Tonight, we are enjoying a little more breathing room and it feels good.


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