Wednesday, June 24, 2015

House Progress

Our boys shared a few special moments today.

My favorite one was after Ayden woke up from his nap.  Logan and I went in to get him and when Logan saw Ayden he lit up.  He crawled over and put his head in Ayden's lap and then Ayden leaned down and hugged him.  The more Logan develops the ability to show affection, the more Ayden falls in love.  It melts my heart!

Ayden loves bugs more than ever!
He has gotten really good at catching them!
(and his eyes are to DIE for.)
It has been a while since I have put up some house progress photos so here you go!

Time to conquer the shingles!

David took today and tomorrow off from work and his dad and one of the play group dads came to help.

At the end of the day today they had completed the dormers and the front left corner of the porch.
It looks more like home everyday!

While we were waiting on ourselves to make the shingle color decision and then waiting for them to arrive once we put in the order, they got started on running the electric.

Looking into the kitchen from the front door.

Looking into the kitchen from the laundry room.
Not sure what we'll do once the dry wall is up and we can't see through the walls anymore! ;)
Things are coming along nicely.  They will finish the shingles and electric and then it's on to insulation and drywall.  A few more steps after that and it will be livable.  We plan to move in before it is "done" so we can put all of this rent we are paying into the house (though I'm sure it will never actually be done because there's always a project!). We are on an amazing adventure!


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  1. We moved into our house while it was incomplete. 2 months later...still not done. Having a toddler slows it down a bit. We are finishing baseboard and sanding. That is tedious work, very time consuming without hired help. If you have it in your budget, hire help. So worth it.

    1. We'll probably keep doing more of the same once we are in. Me hanging with our kiddos while David works on the house (or vise versa once we get into projects that are more my department). We also have both sets of parents nearby and we are so lucky that they are happy and eager to help. For now, we plan to keep doing as much of it ourselves as we can. It will probably never be "finished." :)

  2. How many square feet will your new home be? It's so cute already! I can't wait to see the final product :)

  3. How exciting! We have finished the basement in both of our houses ourselves (not nearly as big of a project as a whole house!) and I have been absolutely amazed how a "mess" turns into a "home" once drywall goes up! It's so cool to see all of your work payoff into something REAL! I'm sure you are so excited to living in that adorable house!

    1. We are so excited! Can't imagine how fun it will be to see it with the drywall up :)