Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Happy 9 Months, Logan!

Logan turned 9  months old today!

He has three teeth and is working on his free standing.  He likes to walk holding our hands.  If we just hold one hand, he takes bigger steps with his right leg which makes us walk in circles.  It's pretty funny.  This little boy is into EVERYTHING.  I know that is normal for this age but I guess I forgot how crazy it can be. It's even more crazy this time around because Ayden contributes to the little things that Logan can find around the house that he shouldn't.  Luckily, Ayden is also good at sounding the alarm when Logan finds such treasures.  Logan has also become VERY interested in doing whatever Ayden is doing.  I spend most of my day playing referee while I guide Ayden through this new development of Logan's and how to handle it.  There are also many times throughout the day where they boys play beautifully with one another.  Ayden LOVES his little bro and if given the choice, I am confident he would still choose having a little brother and built in play mate.  He's just ready for him to be able to PLAY already and the waiting can be difficult.

Logan is saying mamama and dadada and looks at Ayden when we ask, "Where's Ayden/brother?"  He also looks around if he hears me say "daddy/dada" for any reason.  He was looking for David in a parking lot yesterday because of this.  We have discovered this past month that Logan LOVES strawberries!  He also loves anything tomato based: Spaghetti squash with meat sauce, zucchini lasagna (still), chili, tomato soup, fresh tomatoes, etc.  Sleep has been hit or miss these days. There has been a lot of teething going on lately, as well as working towards his walking milestone, so we are just as available as he needs as he goes through everything.  The best part is that even if he wakes often, he is really good about going back to sleep so having to get up with him and stay up for a while is pretty rare.

Logan loves people and has never met a stranger.  When someone talks to him he does smile and then burry his head into whoever is holding him which melts everyone's hearts.

We celebrated with a morning at the park! 

Actually... Mommy missed the memo that there will only be one 10am story time for the Summer.  We got to the library at about 10:40, returned/checked out books and such and then they never called us in for the 11:00.  Some of our playgroup friends had come to the 10:00 story time and were headed to the park afterward so we went too.

The boys did not mind the change of plans at all!
Pretty sure it will become a weekly occurrence.
I think we are all going to start bringing picnic lunches...

It's been a sweet 9 months, Baby Boy.
Can't wait to spend the next 9 and beyond with you!

Very sweet, indeed.

Here are some clips from the past couple of weeks:


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  1. my daughter has the same cloth diaper cover! I am amazed you stuck around with cloth diapering. It sure is lots of laundry. I did cloth for about a few months and now I am back to disposables. Too much messiness for me to know how to handle and clean. Uggg. Anyhow, glad you got some healthy eating boys. My little one still eats only her favorites, mostly unhealthy stuff. she loves strawberries occassionally and blueberries, but mostly loves cheetos, french fries, sweats.

    1. It's one of my favorite covers! It is a lot of extra laundry but I have fallen into a routine that works well for me. I typically do one load of laundry a day which goes into the washer in the mornings. On diaper laundry day, I just rinse them while I am doing my evening cleanup routine, set them to wash while we are sleeping and then they are ready to be hung on the line by morning. It took me a while to find something that works so I can relate with it being overwhelming!

      I am so glad my boys are healthy eaters too! They don't know what Cheetos and such are at this point. Ayden does love chocolate, cupcakes, pie, ice cream, candy etc. just like any other kid though! I think our secret is that it is just not available to him very often...