Monday, June 15, 2015

Dinner With A View

We had a beautiful day for play group today!

The older kids have all officially crossed over into cooperative play and they were all off on an "adventure" in a little thicket of trees in the back corner of the yard. Every now and then we reminisce about how little they all were when we started our weekly meetings almost a year and a half ago.  Hardly any of them were even talking and now they are coming up with elaborate, imaginative, cooperative adventures together. 

This was such a sweet moment and this photo is a framer.

The day FLEW by!  We all ended up staying late at playgroup, then we stopped at the grocery on the way home and by the time I got lunch served and everything put away, it was too late for Ayden to take a nap (which he was excited about).  Logan on the other hand had his usual 4:30ish catnap and slept through dinner.  Luckily he got to have his dinner with a view over on our baby homestead.

David got stung by a wasp yesterday and his hand is pretty swollen so they took a break from the roof and were doing some exterior light placements.  The boys and I harvested some peas, kale and lettuce and then came back home for bed time.  The pro to no-nap days for Ayden is that he falls asleep very quickly by bedtime!  Both boys were actually pretty easy to get down tonight.  Now that Logan's second upper tooth is all the way through he has settled into some more solid sleep patterns which has been great!


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  1. Hi Sarah. Could you do a post on sleep? My 19 month old currently bedshares and we really dont mind it at all however we are thinking about baby #2 and I dont see how that will work. (Frequent night feedings waking him up) I know Ayden used to bed share. How and when did you transition him to a crib? Or is he in his own bed in his own room? Are you doing anything different with Logan? Thanks in advance!