Sunday, June 28, 2015

Time Lapse

It was just me and my little boys for most of the day today.  We took it easy and did a lot of reading and playing.  We finally ventured out at around 12:30 or so to run a couple of small errands and to pick up lunch for the roofing team.

Afternoon nap in the car.  Timing is everything...
We even took some time to stop and smell some roses.

They got the front side done early and had made decent progress on the back by the time we arrived with lunch at around 2pm.
Ayden went down for his nap at around 3 and then David's mom stopped by at around 4.  Ayden was still snoozing away but she played with Logan while I tidied up and ran the vacuum.  Ayden was THRILLED to find Grandma on the couch when he got up from nap.  She took care of dinner which was so nice!  All I did was slice a watermelon for dessert.
Here is where they were when we brought dinner over at around 7. 

And how they left it when there was not enough daylight left to finish.
David got home at almost 10:00.

They should be able to finish it tomorrow pretty quickly.  My husband is amazing.  That is all.

These guys are pretty amazing too.  Can't believe we MADE them.
Still blows my mind.


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  1. You're husband is awesome. But remember, sunday is a day of rest. I would love for some missionaries to give you all lessons. Remember, for more info. You are all great.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Thank you! He got some rest yesterday. We are not at all interested in LDS lessons.