Thursday, June 18, 2015


My parents' pool is open for business!  We had a quiet day at home and after nap we joined my sis and her kids over at my parents' house. The water felt GREAT!  

After dinner David took Ayden to get a new bike!  He got a balance bike for Christmas but he had only ridden it a handful of times. With how hectic and unpredictable our lives are at the moment, we need something he can ride with a little more independence. He can walk the balance bike but he really just wants a bike with pedals. While we love the idea behind balance bikes, we think Ayden will be able to get much more use out of a traditional training wheel/pedal bike. My plan is to pull Logan in the wagon while Ayden rides his bike on the driveway. We also have a bike trailer so when Ayden builds his strength and confidence, we can go for family bike rides on park paths or on the sidewalk in the neighborhood David's parents live in. We have also talked about having a "bring your own bike" day at playgroup and I think Ayden will love being able to bring a bike similar to his friends' that he can ride without help. 

Logan skipped a nap today so he ended up going to bed early. I think we are entering an awkward phase of dropping a nap so he was asleep by 6:30. This means I should probably go to bed early myself since he'll probably be up at 5am or something...


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