Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Fast Friends

Our new double jogging stroller has put some pep in my step. I do remember loving walks with Ayden in the stroller in our old neighborhood. Sometimes Ayden and I chat but other times we are all quiet while we enjoy the stroll. Either way, it gives us all a little break from our day. You just can't underestimate fresh air and sunshine. 

Last week and this week I've been doing some interval running with the help of a C25K app that I purchased about two years ago. There is a 5k coming up in my town later in June and I've been entertaining the idea of running in it. I have been SEARCHING for something to keep me motivated to be consistently active. The new stroller was a huge leap in the right direction. I also purchased a gently used FitBit off of Craigslist. Maybe signing up for a race might add a little more motivation...

After the run, we stopped at Ayden's favorite park playground for a little bit. 

As Ayden played with the other kids in the sandbox I looked at him, and all of the other kids running around, and was amazed at how they were all able to meet and then start playing or working together so well so quickly.  

When do we lose the ability to just walk up to someone and say, "Hi.  What are you making?" and then jump right in to help out?  I was so proud of Ayden as he happily shared the sand toys that we brought from home.  He loved being part of a group and I feel like play group, story time, park visits and coming to the dance studio with me have all provided more than enough opportunities for developing strong social skills.  It reassures me that all of the effort put into consistently attending these is worth it.  It also got me thinking that if we do end up choosing to homeschool, the social aspect that is so stereotypically worried about really may not be such a challenge after all. 


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  1. I love this post, in particular that you feel reassured that Ayden is getting plenty of social nourishment. I felt reassured that children don't need to be in a classroom setting in order to be "socialized" which really just means that they learn skills to aid them in building relationships. These are skills they learn better from people who already know how to build relationships, i.e. adults. If I can find the article I read on this topic, I'll send you a link.

    Great job on the interval training. I started my C25K about a month ago and then lost momentum after the first week. Between my job and all that needs to be done at home I'm struggling to find the time.

  2. Is Aden still hitting? My daughter just turned 2 and has started hitting kids for no reason. It's a real struggle.

    1. That is really tough. He luckily doesn't hit anyone anymore.

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