Tuesday, October 21, 2014

5 Happy Things: Nailed It

1) The joy that this child brings to our family. 

The fact that we get to keep him amazes me everyday. 

2) Ayden seems as though he's going to be really into creepy and scary stuff just like his thrill seeking mama. 

3) Ayden's ever-growing fondness for his favorite librarian. 

4) How expressive and present Logan is already. 

5) Special time with my big boy. His new favorite game is for me to put him in his hamper and then "find him."  

Enjoying nature together!!

Our midwife appointment got rescheduled for Thursday because our midwife came down with something. I am eager to find out what our growig boy is weighing these days. I feel like he is on fast forward. How do we slow him down?!?

What are your 5 happy things today?

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