Friday, October 3, 2014

And So It Begins

Logan and I are loosing our hair already. 

He's losing it Friar Tuck style.
It's still long and thick in the back and on the sides.

I spent way too long unwinding hairs from my fingers during my precious shower time this morning.

I figured I'd have postpartum hair loss this time again but I never thought it would be this early. I experienced this from about 2-9 months or so after Ayden and I assumed it would be the same. I guess this is just one more example of how every pregnancy and postpartum experience can be different. 

We went to have lunch with David today:

Ayden was just as proud as David to introduce Logan to everyone.
Him and the ladybug that he put in his pocket before we left the house.
(That somehow stayed alive)

When I got home I realized that I was feeling melancholy.  It was similar to how I was feeling last night. So I went and took a placenta capsule and went on with my day.  A couple of hours later I realized that I felt like a different person. As tired as I was since I wasn't able to get a nap, I still felt better emotionally, had more patience for the juggle and was much more fun for Ayden. I'm glad that my placenta pills help me but I don't have too many left. I had started weaning off of them at the 2 week mark, which I guess is why I am noticing fluctuations in my mood, but I obviously am still needing them. They say a placenta will make as many as a woman needs so I am hoping that when they are gone I won't need them anymore. I guess we shall see! (I realize I had not yet mentioned that I had encapsulated my placenta.  If anyone is interested in my writing a post on this, let me know!)

I had big plans to get some housework done this afternoon but Logan had different plans. His heel is swollen and sore today and he wanted to be held so into the Moby he went. 

And fell asleep immediately.
He's a fan of mine.
I got all of our clean dishes put away and some of our clean laundry folded/hung and put away. The house is still pretty messy but we'll call it a success.

David was home tonight so we had a normal family evening. We had a dance party, David and Ayden went for a walk while I set Logan up to play for a little bit, there was fort building and wrestling, laughing and running. There were also some toddler moments and it was so nice to be able to handle them together. TGIF!  We are looking forward to this weekend. 


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  1. I so believe in placenta encapsulation, I did it with my son and I swear it kept my head above water. Pp hair loss is no joke! Hope it doesn't get too bad for you xx

  2. I'd be interested in a post about the encapsulation. I've had PPD this time around and I often wonder if that would have made a difference and I want to do it for baby #2

  3. I would love to read a post on placenta encapsulation!