Monday, October 20, 2014

Bath Time!

Happy Monday!

We started our day with play group. 

This is Ayden's Mr. Hyde face.
He did great with his friends though!
Ayden must be growing or something because he has been falling asleep for his naps earlier than usual which means we are usually in the car. 

Just look at how big he is!
Another glorious transfer from car to crib.

Ayden played at a park this afternoon for a little bit while I took some photos for someone. David met us there after work and then we came back home for dinner. After dinner we went to Lowes to pick out my jacuzzi tub for the new house!

This mama has some candle lit, lush bomb-scented reading time come Spring!
We are tired but it was a good day!  There is not much on tap for tomorrow other than our last midwife visit in the afternoon. I'm thinking we may stay home unless things get crazy.   


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  1. Do you plan to transtion ayden to a big boy bed soon?