Friday, October 10, 2014

Apple Fun

Hello from our big 1 month old:  

We are still enjoying our orchard bounty!

So far, along with having them for snacks, we have made honey sweetened crock pot apple sauce, prepped the apples for a pie (I had an extra crust in the freezer from when I made my strawberry pie) that I plan to make this weekend, and we have been doing lots of apple themed activities. Here are a few that we have done so far:

Apple Tree Art:

Along with apple tasting

Orchard photo story book

Ten Apples Up On Top

My favorite activities encompass multiple areas of learning. Use a book to introduce the concept (literacy), incorporate the senses (science), shapes/colors/counting (math), "writing"/drawing (fine motor), etc. It also helps to take a "field trip" of sorts at the beginning or end of whatever little theme unit you are working on.  Apple picking made Ayden very interested in and receptive to all of these activities.  

These have been helping keep Ayden busy during our afternoons.  I love that he is getting more and more into the types of activities that I did with my students at school.  It's a lot of fun to bring all of this stuff back out again!

What are your favorite apple activities to do with your kiddos?


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  1. Good gravy! How have I never done 10 apples up on top with a dotter before?!? Is that how you always used to do it? You just changed my life!!

    1. Haha. NO! I used to use apple stickers or I'd borrow a little apple hole punch. This was my "I don't have apple stickers or access to a di-cutter or apple hole punch so what can we do instead and for free" solution. Not quite as cute but WAY less work on the parent/teacher end this way for sure!