Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pleasantly Full

These are the moments that I want to remember when my children are grown.

When I was pregnant with Logan I soaked up all of the sleepy snuggles that I could with Ayden. They did not happen very often as it was because we finally got Ayden falling asleep on his own. For the most part that was a very liberating change for me but man did I miss the snuggles. Occasionally Ayden would still wake up from his nap and then fall back asleep on me. When I was pregnant I'd hold him close, listening to his slow and steady breaths, and I'd wonder if we'd ever have those quiet moments again. Since Logan's arrival it had not happened again and I had accepted that those days may be over for Ayden and myself; but today I got lucky. Logan was already asleep in the Moby when I went in to get Ayden.  I brought them out and we snuggled in on the couch to give him time to wake up and then Ayden fell asleep on me too. I got to sit and listen to the cadence of both of my sons sleepy breaths as I soaked in the love. We stayed that way until Maverick started barking to come back inside and I also had to get up to get dinner started (both of which I could have gladly traded for more snuggle time).

I know I always post about the highlights of our days and rarely the rough patches. Even when I do talk about those patches I only mention them and don't give a lot of details. I just don't want to go on and on about what is going wrong or what is tough (and there is some of that sprinkled in to every day) because there is so much that is right and that is wonderful. When I take the time to focus my energy on living for these moments the others simply pale in comparison. I've had a couple of really rough moments as a mom of two that I have felt compelled to write about but every time I start writing I can't finish because the moment had passed and all of these beautiful moments just seem so much more important. This is hard work and it takes a lot of energy but I am so glad to do it. Literally every time I am in the grocery store someone always sees me, Logan in the wrap and Ayden in the cart, and they say, "My my, don't you have your hands full?" And to that I always smile and say, "Yes. Pleasantly full." And that is how I really feel. 

What moments did you worry you'd never have again after having more children?  What do you hear most when people see you out and about with your kiddos?


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1 comment:

  1. I get the exact same comment when I'm at the grocery store with my 3 (baby in a carrier, toddler in the cart and big boy walking by my side). Your response is perfect!