Thursday, October 2, 2014

Smiles and Apple Picking!

Look what I caught on camera!

Such a happy baby.
Brother comparison:
Ayden on the left, Logan on the right.

Today, David's mom took Ayden to story time while I took Logan back to the doctor.  Since he was born at home he did not have any of the usual tests, shots, ointments, etc. that most babies receive as protocol in hospitals.  He was supposed to have his newborn state screening (the heel prick test) at his appointment on Friday; but since one of the tests is a 24 hour thing that they wouldn't have been able to read on Saturday, they scheduled him a nurse appointment for today.

I was prepared for him to scream his little head off but all he did was fuss like it was mildly unpleasant and then he was over it as soon as he was in my arms again.  I was baffled and relieved.

I'll let the photos of the fun part of our day speak for themselves!

Our moms have been life savers the past few weeks!
In house news, they are getting windows in!

The day was good today with a lot of fun sprinkled in but I had a rough evening.  Nothing specific or huge happened but there were enough little things to add up to make me feel overwhelmed.  Some days are definitely easier than others and adjustment takes time!  This evening I'm giving myself some grace and a reminder that tomorrow is a new day!  It is also supposed to rain so we will have David home with us.    


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  1. Their smiles are just the same, too sweet! The apple picking looks like a blast. I bet Aiden loved that :)

    Yay for windows! Seems things are moving so quickly on the house front. I bet your so excited.

    Hope you have a nice Friday. Life, kids,'s all overwhelming sometimes but us Mom's are tough. Hang in there!!

  2. The house is looking good! You guys have a lot on your plates, I'm glad you're taking it easy on yourself and keeping a positive mindset! Yay for helpful moms too!

  3. Loving your daily updates... You are doing great, mama! Those first few weeks are a blur. Gradually, it's all just the new normal level of crazy :)