Monday, October 13, 2014

There Will Come A Day

Playgroup was a success this morning. I shoved the baskets of clean laundry and the clothing swap tubs into our bedroom and the rest was pretty easy to take care of. 

When everyone left, Logan was ready to nurse so I pulled out Ayden's new little Legos and we had another success as far as keeping him independently occupied!

We all took an hour long nap and when Ayden woke he was feeling like this:

Poor guy!

He did not want to go back to sleep and also did not know why he was crying. He just kept asking me to "wipe his tears" and he also asked me to make him stop crying. Logan was still sleeping so I was able to hold him for as long as he needed until he said, "I'm better now."

As I was holding him I was well aware that there will come a day when my holding him and wiping his tears away will not be enough. I was so glad, as a now mom of two, that I was able to take the time to not only hold him for as long as he needed but to soak in the power that a mommy of a two year old has. As often as he frustrates and challenges me, he also melts my heart and makes me so proud to be his mother. 

And then there is this guy:

He is still so mellow and easy going, creating the perfect balance between my boys at the moment. These two are lucky to have one another and David and I are so unbelievably lucky to have them!

Once everyone was calm and snack-filled we headed out to the grocery. 

I spent $5 under my budget and we made it home just in time for Ayden and I to cook dinner while Logan continued to snooze in his car seat. 

We ended our evening with some family time at a nearby church playground. 

Logan and I swung together while I wrote this post and David and Ayden ran around, having a blast together. 

Another great day as a family of 4 in the record books!


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