Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Boys And Girls

I spent the morning getting caught up on some laundry. I have been able to get back to my 1 basket rule but 1 load a day does not cut it these days. I am washing at least 3 and getting 1 put away if I'm lucky. 

It is progress though so I'll take it. It took me a while to find a new groove with a consistent routine after Ayden was born so I'm expecting no less this time around. 

I find that if I keep the house relatively quiet Ayden does a better job of keeping himself occupied. If I turn on a YouTube video, audio book or the like for me to listen to while I work, it typically pulls him away from what he is doing and then he hovers around me. Music is okay sometimes but quiet is really the ticket. Today he spent a while sucking down pouch after pouch of apple sauce that I made from our orchard apples. 

We also got some new "work tools" (as he calls them ) delivered which he LOVES!

Ayden has really gotten into what belongs to girls and what belongs to boys. We don't do a whole lot of gender assignment around here. He is not only allowed but encouraged to play with with dolls, pretend to cook and help me clean. He also plays with plenty of trains, cars, tools, blocks and other "boy" stuff. We figure he'd find his own way and it appears as though he is. It's interesting to step back and let nature take it's course without too much external influence. He most definitely could have heard someone talking about this topic but to my knowledge he has started making such classifications on his own. Now he'll say, "This is boys and this one is girls. I need a boy one" when picking out a snack or whatever. It is all very natural and interesting. 

Nap times lined up so this mama got to get some down time. Now that Logan is giving me 4-5 hour stretches at night I have started setting an alarm during naps again. 15-20 minutes is all I need to feel rejuvenated for the rest of the day. The rest of the time I use to write blog posts and tidy up which is really helping the state of our home and giving David and myself more time at night. 

We had some pretty crazy storms last night and even had to go over to my parents' basement for a little while.  Anyone else have some crazy weather last night? Hope everyone is okay!


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  1. We had crazy weather the night before last. The thunder was shaking the whole house! Apparently I'm the only one scared of storms because neither my husband or 2 kids woke up haha

  2. Glad you all made it safely through the storm. Sounds scary! My oldest started the boy/girl stuff when his sister came along. We try no to make distinctions, but I think it is inevitable.